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Question of the month: Can MagicBreakaways Owners only swop with other Legacy Resorts?

20 March 2015

No. With MBExchange you do have access to other MagicBreakaways developed resorts. This is ringfenced, which means only MagicBreakaways owners have access to these resorts: Bakubung, Brookes Hill Suites, Castleburn, Hermanus Beach Club, Kruger Park Lodge, Kwa Maritane and Wilderness Dunes.

But that's not where it ends. With MBExchange you'll also gain access to more than 160 other South African resorts and more than 4000 international resorts. You're holiday options have just become a whole lot bigger and your timeshare week has just become a whole lot more exciting!

Easter Feature: Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

20 March 2015

With the Easter Holidays around the corner, an Easter Egg treasure hunt is one of the most fun activities you can do with your kids. This will require a little bit of planning on your side to make sure that it's successful, so read up on our handy hints and tips.

Decide on the date and venue

Pick a date that suits you and decide on the area where you'll be hiding the Easter Eggs. Good Friday falls on 3 April this year and is a great way to kick off the long weekend. Most of our resorts have beautiful grounds and you can get really creative with your hiding spots.

Stock up on the goodies

Make sure you have enough Easter Eggs to fill all the tummies (especially for sneaky grown-ups that might want to get their hands on the treasure before it gets hidden :-) You can also buy some regular eggs, hard boil them and have the kids paint them a day or two before the hunt. This will help them get excited for the Easter Adventure that awaits them.

Plan your treasure hideaway

In this step you can work on the clues and the hide-away spots. Consider keeping a list of hideouts just in case you forget where you put them :-) Clues can be distributed by you during certain legs of the hunt or you can even put the clues in clue boxes (think Amazing Race) in open spots where the kids can easily find them.

It is also a good idea to give the kids a list of what to find and reward the one who does it the fastest. This way no kid gets left out and they all get the same amount of treasure. Also keep an eye out on the weather forecast - nobody likes a muddy Easter egg!

Ready, set, go!

Hand each kid a basket, small bucket or paper bag to keep put their treasure in. This can be put to good use to prevent them from eating all their treasure before they return to base camp.

Post-hunt party

Keep them entertained with a "bunny hop" race (sack race) and pin the tail on the bunny. Have fun and share your Easter Egg hunt adventures with us on Facebook.


Resort Feature: Kwa Maritane in North West

5 March 2015

Luxury accommodation and top class game-viewing holidays are the keywords at Kwa Maritane. This bush lodge is located deep in the heart of the malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park, on the slopes of an ancient volcano. Hence its name, which literally means "Place of the Rock". From here you can view planes that are rich in wildlife and hosts more than 365 species of birds and a rich plant life.

Apart from the restaurant and on-site bar, there are a host of on-site activities including Big Five viewing, and underground game viewing hide, game drives, guided wildlife activities, tennis courts, a playground for the kids and swimming pools.

For more on the Kwa Maritane or to book your next holiday there, visit the resort page.


Technology to make Holidays easier

19 February 2015

Technology is everywhere and is meant to be helpful (sometimes we think it's also meant to frustrate you, but the tech companies swear that this isn't the truth...). And yes, sometimes a holiday is a time to switch off your phone and leave your laptop at home, but other times (like when you have two toddlers or a sulky teen), you need to just go with the flow. So, embrace some of the awesome technological products around you and use them to the max on your next holiday

  • Planning your holiday: make sure you don't forget a thing by using a to-do list app that can be synced to all your devices. Try Wunderlist.
  • Your iPad or tablet: download some fun apps to keep the kids entertained during long journeys. This way you get out long hours of i-Spy!
  • External hard drive: put enough movies on there to keep every member of the family entertained during rainy days
  • Your waterproof phone: take awesome photos under water or in the pool to make those memories last!
  • Solar chargers: nothing is as bad as your phone battery hitting a low during a fun day out and taking photos. Take a solar charger with you and recharge during lunch.
  • Google Goggles App: want to know more about a really important-looking building, painting or item that you don't know the name of? Start this app, point your camera and if Google has info on it, it will return with a Wikipedia entry about the place in front of you.
  • Google Maps: Use Google Maps before you land up in the roughest part of your new environment.
  • FourSquare: look up good places to eat or shop at by means of reviews from other visitors.
  • Google+ holiday timeline: load your photos to Google+ gallery and it will create a beautiful timeline gallery of where you were and when that you can share with your friends and family.

What technology do you make most use of when on holiday?


Banking your week - what you need to know

05 February 2015

Have you banked your MagicBreakaways timeshare week(s) yet? If not, remember that it's quick and easy and will allow you to use your week(s) to gain access to more than 160 local and 4000 international resorts.

For more information on how MBExchange works, click here


MBExchange resort guide

28 January 2015

We have some exciting news! Your very own and very handy (and good looking!) MBExchange resort guide will soon be sent to all owners free of charge. You'll be able to see some of the many resorts you have access to courtesy of your MBExchange affiliation, detailing amongst other things the resort grading, amenities and resort and area attractions.

The magazine also contains general information on how MBExchange works, the benefits of your membership and even details the different countries internationally where your exchange can take you.

Please check that your postal details are correct and update it in case anything has changed, either via our call centre on 0861 623 924 or by updating it online.


Resort Feature: Kruger Park Lodge

28 January 2015

When foreigners think of South Africa, Safari Holidays often come to mind. And with good reason. The country boasts some of the most impressive Safari lodges in the world. One of these being Kruger Park Lodge.

The resort is situated on a 9-hole Gary Player designed golf course on the banks of the Sabie River. The resort offers guests a tranquil and peaceful haven. Spacious thatched cottages are spread around the large grounds which overlook some of the fairways. Guests may watch the local hippo from the safety of hides built on the edges of one of the many dams on the property.

Apart from the top class facilities at the resort like a Wiesenhof Coffee Shop, a pro shop, driving range, 3 swimming pools and a lapa overlooking the impressive Sabie River, there is also a lot to do in the area. Visit the Mac Mac Falls or Bourke's Luck Potholls nearby. Pilgrim's Rest and Blyde River Canyon are also a must-see and if you're feeling adventurous go kloofing, quad biking, abseiling or river rafting.

As an MBExchange Member you can also experience Kruger Park Lodge on your next holiday. Simply bank your MagicBreakaways timeshare or fractional title week(s) and we'll assign iPoints to the worth of your week. You can use this to book your next getaway at Kruger Park Lodge and many more other resorts.


Saving on your next holiday

15 January 2015

Is one of your New Year resolutions to save more? It's definitely one of mine. Unfortunately the idea of saving can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. It may mean forfeiting your daily espresso from your favourite coffee shop or working overtime. It definitely means spending less on life's little luxuries such as new gadgets or holidays.

"No holidays?" I hear you ask. Well, perhaps it's not as unattainable as you may think. Here are a few tips for saving on your next holiday. After all, here at MBExchange, we pride ourselves on giving you more bang for your buck.

  • First and foremost - iBank early. If you iBank your week(s) 180 days or more before occupation we'll give you an additional 10% points value. That's great value for money! That means you can get up to 110% of iPoints for your week. Click here to read more about iBanking with MBExchange.
  • Exchange online. If you make your reservation online (as opposed to phoning our call centre), you'll save on your exchange fee.
  • Consider going during out of season periods. The Garden Route, for example, still has lovely weather during the winter months and is generally much more affordable because it's a low demand area. If you don't have school children consider going in January of February when accommodation is more affordable and the popular holiday spots less congested.
  • Have a Holiday Goal: Make a list of where you want to go and when and list all possible expenses such as petrol, travel insurance, visa costs, food, entry fees to tourist attractions, and transport costs - everything you can think of. Even sunscreen.
  • Once you've established how much you will need for your holiday, start planning how much you need to save each month before you head off on your trip.
  • Open a bank account especially for holiday savings. Put some money away every month and resist the temptation to dip your fingers in the all-important Holiday Fund.
  • Establish a spending budget for things like shopping and eating. This will help you to be more aware of your expenditure whilst on holiday.
  • Since you'll be staying in a self-catering resort you'll save a lot on food bills. Prepare some food at home, freeze it and bring it to your destination - it will help you save on time and cost.
  • Travelling overseas? Make sure how much your bank charges will be for electronic transactions such as ATM Withdrawals and credit card transactions. All those extras can accumulate - especially when visiting a country where the currency is much stronger than the Rand.
  • Flying to your destination? Make use of your frequent flyer rewards and shop around before you buy your ticket.
  • Take it easy and appreciate the small stuff. When planning your holiday activities opt for free or cheaper things to do. A simple internet search for free activities in an area will almost always deliver some results. Also, instead of going on an expensive adrenalin adventure, go on a hiking trail. Instead of splurging on an expensive day at an amusement park, spend quality time with your loved ones having a picnic. Holidays are about rest and relaxation after all!

How do you save for your holidays? What tips do you have for inexpensive holiday options?


What the new website offers you

23 December 2014

The new and improved MBExchange website has been enhanced to allow you to fully manage your account and book your holiday where and when you choose. Have a sneak peak at some of the features awaiting you:

  • Enjoy a personalised and fully customisable My Info page which summarises all your Membership information on one page
  • Search for resort info, specific unit details, multimedia, and view attractions and directions using our interactive maps
  • Advanced search capability and powerful result filter options
  • iBank your week online
  • Exchange online
  • Make special requests for your booking
  • Change your guest details on future bookings
  • Log and track all queries online

You are already registered!

If you've been a MagicBreakaways owner before 1 July 2014, you're automatically registered on our site. You should have received a username and password via email. If you're a new MagicBreakways owner, call us on 0861 623 924 and we'll help you register your account.

If you have forgotten your username or password, simply click on Login and select either Forgotten Password or Forgotten Username, complete the required info, click submit and the forgotten info will be emailed immediately.

Members Only Section

The Members Only section of the website has a page designed to make accessing your information easier than ever. The My Info page contains customisable Widgets so you only see what's important to you and in the order that suits you.

Online Payments

Pay your exchange fees online (it's cheaper than doing so via our call centre!). You can pay with Visa or MasterCard credit cards online.

My Support:

New to the MBExchange website is a Support page. Do you have a question about a booking or your account? Simply go to My Support and submit an Online Work Order. It's super easy and you can track the progress of your Work Order online. To submit a Work Order type in all the relevant details into the form and then select Submit to send. Once you have logged a Work Order, you can view the progress, add comments for our Consultants, print your Work Order, and you can even cancel the Work Order if you no longer need it.


Tips for a safe journey

12 December 2014

Our #1 concern - safety

If every driver on the road takes responsibility for their safety we'll have far less accidents on our country's roads. Make a check-list of everything that needs to be done. You can even make a game of this with your kids before you leave the house. This way they'll also be more aware of driving safety and that's a lesson they're never too young to learn.

  • Ensure that the driver is well-rested. Don't drive when you're tired. Rather have your partner take over or arrange for a stop-over halfway on your journey.
  • Everyone in the car should wear their seatbelts.
  • Lock the doors.
  • Drive with your lights on - even during the day.
  • Don't drink/eat and drive - alcohol and driving should never be used in the same sentence and eating can cause your attention to waver. Sip on water, juice or coffee to keep you alert and hydrated through the journey.
  • Stop often - pull over at a petrol station every two hours to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and to get you ready for the next stretch.

  • Allow enough space between you and the car ahead of you.
  • Don't speed! Keep to the speed signs along the road.

Your car should be in tip-top shape

  • Take your car for a service a month before your trip
  • Have your tyres and wheel alignment checked two weeks before your trip. As a final measure, also check your tyre pressure the day before the journey.
  • Check your oil and water the day before your trip and fill your car's tank.
  • Make sure you have a spare tyre in the back and that it's in a good condition and not flat.
  • Ensure that your windows and side mirrors are clean and that your vision is in no way impaired.

Be prepared

  • Programme your GPS with the information of your destination the night before.
  • Have a map book ready just in case your GPS can't find your final destination.
  • Make sure your driver's licence is on you.
  • Have enough cash on your for toll fees.
  • Have a first-aid kit in your car and make sure it's fully stocked.
  • Have a copy of your confirmation letter with you as you'll need this when checking in at your resort.

Here's to happy and safe


New resorts in inventory pool

20 November 2014

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed up three new and exciting destinations to our existing Inventory Pool:

Shooters Rock is situated on the tranquil Ski Boat Beach in Ramsgate and ideal for family holidays.

The Atrium is a brand new development in Ballito (KZN North Coast) and offers guests their own little slice of Ballito-heaven.

Malagas Hotel is off the beaten track and is a family-friendly hotel situated on the banks of the Breede Rivier. Here guests can get some proper R&R and recoup.

10 Things To Do In The Drakensberg

06 November 2014

The Drakensberg is one of the most famous destinations for holiday makers in South Africa and is an area rich in historical and cultural history. Here are some things to do when visiting the Berg:

1. Drakensberg Boys' Choir: Enjoy a world-class show as you listen to the beautiful sounds of these young voices.

2. Battlefields Route: Go on one of the legendary Battlefield Tours in the area. You can enjoy a self-guided tour, or choose the service of a knowledgeable guide to look around the most prominent sites and learn about the battles that took place many years ago.

3. Nelson Mandela Capture Site: Situated in the Midlands, the site of Nelson Mandela's capture before his 27 year jail sentence has a museum and outdoor display area.

4. World-class hiking trails are everywhere to be found: There is a trail for all fitness levels and ages and these are some of the best in the country. Most hikes in the Berg boast the most incredible views, enviable skies, open spaces, sheer rock faces, caves and waterfalls.

5. Giant's Castle Game Reserve: This beautiful reserve offering glorious views for hikers and mountain climbers as well as one of the best preserved sandstone caves with San rock art.

6. Horse Trails: Explore the mountains on horseback. Different tours are available depending on your level of expertise. Explore the forests, the grass lands, the Zulu villages and the cave paintings under the supervision of an expert guide.

7. Adventure activities: Get the adrenalin pumping - whether it-s paintball, tree top zip-lining, abseiling, geckoing (white water tubing) or mountain bike trails.

8. Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey Centre: Enjoy an impressive presentation and learn more about these fascinating creatures and the art of Falconry.

9. Arts & crafts and country stalls: Travel through the Berg and visit the quaint arts and crafts stalls on offer. The Midlands Meander is one of the most prominent spots for this kind of experience.

10. Recharge: There are many Spas and retreats throughout the Berg. If you're staying at Kiara Lodge or Cayley Lodge, make sure to visit our Body Bliss Day Spas.


New and improved interactive site: COMING SOON!

23 October 2014

We have a lot on our plate here at MBExchange - search for new stock to add to our ever-growing portfolio, make sure everything run smoothly at the resorts and other day-to-day business items. But the one thing that we always prioritize above all is making sure that our members are taken care of. For that reason we're hard at work at bringing you a great new interactive website where you'll be able to bank your week(s) and exchange them online. We're super excited and working around the clock to make this happen. So watch this space... it's going to look much different very soon.

Keeping your kids entertained on long journeys

9 October 2014

Remember long trips in a hot car travelling to Grandma's house playing "I spy" or singing "99 Green Bottles"? If the idea of repeating this with your own kids sends shivers down your spine and if you dread hearing those four horrible words - "Are we there yet?" - read on. We have a few tips on how to keep your kids entertained when travelling this festive season.

  • Make Bingo sheets before travelling to include some things you may see on your journey. For example, a petrol station, a speed sign, birds, a red car, a plane, a troop of monkeys etc.
  • Use technology to your advantage. Load their favourite movies on a tablet, Game Boy, PSP, or portable DVD player. If you travel a lot you may even want to consider installing DVD players in the seats.
  • Penalise them for naughty behaviour. In the beginning of the journey give each child about 20 20c coins. Then set the rules - e.g. no fighting, complaining, asking "are we there yet", fogging the window etc. For every offense, collect a coin. The child with the most money at the end of the trip wins it all.
  • Give them each an iPod or MP3 player with their favourite books being read aloud. You can download or buy some online.
  • Download some new games from the app store and keep your tablet's charger handy.
  • Have them take photos of the moving scenery and award a prize for the best photo when you arrive at your destination. For example, Jimmy wins best "running tree" and Suzie wins for best "marshmallow cloud formation".
  • Play "I Spy" - it's timeless!

Visa-free travelling for South Africans

19 September 2014

"Not all those who wander are lost." wrote J.R.R. Tolkien in The Fellowship of the Ring. This is indeed true for the wondering traveller - those seeking to broaden their horizons and experience what the world has to offer the senses. If you are a South African sojourner you can do so without, the sometimes pesky, visa applications. The South African passport has been growing stronger over the years and we have access to quite a number of visa-free countries when travelling.

A simple Google search will produce a long list of countries South Africans can enter without visas. Looking for an exotic getaway? Why not venture to the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Mauritius or Seychelles? If the pulsing home continent is an inviting destination, head off to Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, or Senegal. Basically the whole of South America offers visa-free entry with a few countries requiring you to purchase a visa upon arrival. The Far East also beckons with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand all wavering visa requirements for South Africans.

You can even check out this useful infographic about where the South African passport can take you, how it compares to some other countries' passports and what South Africans think about visas.

So even if you're a timeshare owner, you can also broaden your horizons. With MBExchange it's as simple as banking your week into our inventory pool, selecting your overseas holiday resort and packing your bags. Joining is free and a competitive exchange fee applies (in general, R2599 for overseas exchanges).


Packing for your next holiday

10 September 2014

Do you love going on holiday but hate to pack? Food is especially an issue as we tend to pack way too much or way to little! Have you ever found yourself at the end of the holiday looking at that unopened bag of rice and wondered why you even packed it to begin with? You're not alone! So to help make the packing process a little bit easier, we've compiled a list that will help you:

  • To drink: coffee, tea, longlife milk, juice or cordials and a bottle of wine for those beautiful evenings overlooking the beach.
  • For breakfast: cereal, muesli, yoghurt, eggs or bread to start each day like champion!
  • For cooking: oil, spray 'n cook, spices, pasta, rice and pre-packed sauces.
  • Fruit and vegetables: an array of your favourite in-season fruit and veg (fresh or frozen will work well).
  • General: margarine, condiments and your favourite snacks.
  • Other: Consider cooking and freezing a few of your family's favourite meals so that you can have a home-cooked meal away from home!

We hope this will help to start the ball rolling when packing for your next holiday! Here's to many great days, relaxing and doing nothing!


Keep in touch

3 September 2014

We'd like to keep you updated with the latest and greatest offers that MBExchange can offer you as a MagicBreakaways Owner and will send you one SMS and one newsletter on a monthly basis to keep you informed. Please make sure to notify us of any changes should your contact details change. You can do so by sending us an email or phoning us to update your information on 0861 623 924.

If you missed our Introductory Newsletter and like to know more about how MBExchange works, click here to find out more.

MagicBreakaways Internal Exchange is launched

4 July 2014

Many of our owners have been patiently awaiting the launch of MBExchange, the new revolutionary MagicBreakaways Internal Exchange scheme.

We are pleased to advise that as of 15th July 2014 our timeshare members can now exchange between the various resorts developed by MagicBreakaways and managed by Legacy Hotels and Resorts. The MBExchange scheme is completely ring-fenced - allowing only the owners of the MagicBreakaways resorts to participate. The resorts in our pool include Bakubung, Brookes Hill Suites, Castleburn, Hermanus Beach Club, Kruger Park Lodge, Kwa Maritane and Wilderness Dunes.

The best part is that your Membership is absolutely Free! You only pay a super low exchange fee of R499 when you have concluded and confirmed the booking of your holiday. In addition to the resorts in our exclusive pool, you also have access to an even larger pool powered by iExchange with more than 160 resorts in Southern Africa at the same low local exchange fee of R499 and over 4000 resorts internationally at only R2599 per exchange.

How it works

As a MagicBreakaways resort owner, your free MBExchange membership account has already been opened

Simply bank your week into the pool and your account will be credited with the points allocated to your timeshare ownership plus any Bonus points you may earn for early banking. Please note that all your levies must be paid in full before you can bank your week.

Once your points are allocated you may use these to draw out a holiday equal to the week you banked, or you can be more flexible and break them up into smaller midweek and weekend breaks, or you can save your points for up to 3 years to enjoy that super-long holiday. If you own a flexi week, you will still need to first book this week with your resort as normal, otherwise give MBExchange permission to do this on your behalf.

Our call centre staff are standing by to walk you through this process and to assist you with an exchange to your dream destination.

Remember the only fee you pay as a member is the exchange fee. This means that you only pay when you find the perfect holiday!

Call us now on 0861 623 924 or email exchange@mbexchange.co.za