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We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive grading system available in South Africa. All our resorts are graded annually using multiple criteria which means you will get the real value of your week each time you bank. We take into account everything from location to facilities to seasonal demand. You can also rest assured that your future exchange bookings are worth the iPoints paid.

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To get an iPoints quote is easy and you have time to decide whether or not you wish to accept and bank your week with us. There are no membership fees and quotes are obligations free. To appreciate the value of your quoted points click here and browse through our Deals to see what we have to offer you.

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Case Study

"I own week 51 in a 2 bedroom, 6 sleeper at Bakubung and I own week 40 in a 3 bedroom, 8 sleeper at Hermanus Beach Club. I don't really want to visit my own resorts again next year. I would like a change of scenery, frequent breaks in different parts of the country."

First and foremost we would suggest you Bank both weeks with MBExchange as soon as possible, and let's take it from there:

Bank week 51 at Bakubung = 12 395 iPoints
Bonus for Banking 180 days prior to occupation 10% = 1239 iPoints
Bank week 40 at Hermanus Beach Club = 8678 iPoints
Bonus for Banking 180 days prior to occupation 10% = 867 iPoints
TOTAL = 23 179 iPoints

And Now The Fun Begins

Deal offer booked - 45% off at Suntide Qunu Lodge. Midweek, 4 sleeper unit. (Check-in April) 363 iPoints
Book 1 Full week at Formosa Bay (Check-in April) 1887 iPoints
Book weekend getaway at Perna Perna St Lucia (Check-in May) 1200 iPoints
Book midweek at Cayley Lodge (Check-in August) 1691 iPoints
Deals offer booked - 40% off at Pebble Beach. Full week, 4 sleeper unit. (Check-in August) 1114 iPoints
Cannot resist the overseas special in the iExchange newsletter! A full week in Mexico 3100 iPoints
Need to give in-laws an Anniversary gift otherwise they might spend it with you! Ideal weekend away at Silversands in Durban (Pay Cash) R1078
Deal offer booked - 45% off at Silversands. Full week, 4 sleeper (Check-in September) 647 iPoints
Book Beacon Isle for a full week (Check-in December) 2206 iPoints
Remaining iPoints 10 971 iPoints